Sailor 0 Waste Purse

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ONE SIZE: S (23 x 16 cm). Truly One of A Kind.


Handmade Canvas and Rope Pochette ~ SAILOR 0 Waste

(🇮🇹 segue Italiano)

Unisex Sustainable Canvas Pochette built for the beach time with inner lining. Each Sailor 0 Waste Purse is one of a kind and built with fabric scraps, production leftovers from the Sailor Collection. These scraps could do easily go to waste, but this way of reusing what already exists is a great way to ensure fabrics do not end up in landfills. Truly one of a kind (OOAK), discover our sustainable way to carry your essentials.


  • S (23 x 16 cm)

Handmade in Italy. 100% Sustainable


This is a ready-to-ship item, so consider the time for processing your order (48hr) plus 2-4 days for domestic shipping across Europe site. We do ship worldwide, 5-10 days. Feel free to send an email if you need help at

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Pochette Sailor Niente Sprechi

Le pochette FEDE in tela di cotone sono unisex e costruite per il mare. Hanno un tessuto interno per proteggere i tuoi essenziali. Ogni pochette Sailor 0 Waste è unica e realizzata con avanzi di produzione. Questi potrebbero finire facilmente nella spazzatura, ma questo modo di riutilizzare quello che già esiste è una strada creativa per assicurarsi che i tessuti non finiscano in discarica.


  • S (23 x 16 cm)

Fatta a mano in Italia. 100% sostenibile.


La borsa è pronta alla spedizione, considera il tempo di processare il tuo ordine (48hr) più 2/3 giorni per la spedizione in Italia.

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Dimensions 23 × 16 cm

1 review for Sailor 0 Waste Purse

  1. Daphne

    A very nice handmade little bag for stuff like your phone, keys, wallet etcetera. Can also be used as a bag for your main belongings in a bigger bag. Bought it as a present for my sister and she loved it!

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