Discover our handmade surf bags and accessories. Built to wander the Seven Seas.


Limited Edition

Our collection of surf bags and accessories is made in small quantities, ensuring attention to detail and quality of the highest standard of Made in Italy.

Built to Last

Built for adventure, salty trips and daily beach-going. We use a very thick cotton canvas, that is the most durable material for the sea. Up-cycled and better for the planet.

Made in Italy

All the bags and accessories are made in our small lab in Italy, near Rome. A coastal town named Anzio where surfing is possible. Yes, we surf in Italy.

Our products

Handmade in Italy. Built to wander the seven seas.

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Surf Sling Bag

Not just a sling bag, but the perfect mate for a surf trip! for a long walk to the beach, carry on easily your surfboard and all your surf essentials, in just one bag: surfboard, towel, wetsuit and a day change.

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