Classic Gato Surfbag


Canvas Surf Bag Built for your salty trips and daily beach going.


The CLASSIC GATO Surfbag is a collection inspired by our friend at  Gato Heroi Italy Surfboards. It features a combo of cotton canvas (ivory/caramel), sealed with a wavy tailor-cut.


  • Italian Cotton Canvas
  • Inner nose patch made with up-cycled materials
  • Secret pocket for wax and small stuff
  • Drawn-string closure made out of cotton rope
  • Single fin slot (from HYBRID SIZE)

We made 6 variations in size and shape to fit every kind of surfboard. Select your size in the drop down menu.


  • FISH/RETRO 5’6-6’4”
  • SHORT 5’8”-6’4” with pointy nose
  • HYBRID/FUN/EGG 6’6”-7’4”with FEDE single fin velcro system
  • MIDLENGHT 7’8”-8’4” with FEDE single fin velcro system
  • LONGBOARD 9-9’6” with FEDE single fin velcro system
  • LONGBOARD 10” with roll closure

Please include the length and shape (pointy or rounded nose) of the surfboard in the “notes” section of the checkout screen. This is a made-to-order item, so your bag is made just for you!!! At the moment it takes up to 1 week for the fabrication of a canvas surf bag and another 2-4 days for domestic shipping, so you should have it within 2 weeks of placing your order. We do ship worldwide, 5-10 days for EU countries and 10-20 days for all the other zones. Feel free to send an email if you need help at

A NOTE: Due to the dead-stock cotton canvas we choose, the color of the canvas could vary a little from picture. If you need more information, please ask away at

The price shown does not includes shipping costs.  Add your zip code to calculate your shipping cost in the cart before checking out.

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Sacca da surf in tela di cotone italiana


La Gato Surfbag è una collaborazione nata dai nostri amici a Gato Heroi Italy Surfboards. È fatta con una combinazione di tele di cotone avorio e caramello, unite da un taglio sartoriale ad onda .


  • Tela di cotone Italiana
  • Rinforzo interno sul nose con materiali di reciclo
  • Tasca segreta per paraffina e piccoli oggetti
  • Chiusura con corda di cotone
  • Fessura per le Single fin (dalla taglia HYBRID)


  • FISH/RETRO 5’6-6’4”
  • SHORT 5’8”-6’4” con nose appuntito
  • HYBRID/FUN/EGG 6’6”-7’4”
  • MIDLENGHT 7’8”-8’4” con il sistema FEDE x single fin
  • LONGBOARD 9-9’6” con il sistema FEDE x single fin
  • LONGBOARD 10” con il sistema FEDE x single fin e chiusura ‘roll’

Per favore, includi le misure e il modello della tua tavola nella sezione ‘Note’ della schermata di ‘checkout’.  La borsa è fatta su misura, considera almeno una settimana per la lavorazione più 2-4 giorni di spedizione per l’Italia.

N.B: Poichè usiamo materiali da ‘dead-stocks’, i colori delle nostre tele sono limitati e possono variare leggermente dalle fotografie. Se hai bisogno di maggiori informazioni scrivici a




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