Guess the perfect FEDE gifts for that special surfer in your life

From custom surfbags to handmade surf poncho, discover what is the perfect FEDE gift that suits that special surfer in your life. Get ready to spark a big smile.


What kind of surfer is your friend?


1-The Ocean Lover


Focused on what matters.

Does your friend lives for the search and loves ripping it hard on the waves? She lives by the sea, has been living in Australia on the Gold Coast in Coolangatta in the past… now is a marine biologist/researcher as well as organizes and volunteers at the beach clean up days. When your friend is not working, is in the ocean surfing with friends and partner. Surfing and the ocean brings her happiness and she feels freedom while in the water. She loves running and being surrounded by nature. She prefers to choose sustainable and very ocean conscious brands.

In her bag you will always find a reef safe sun screen, a towel used as yoga mat sometimes and a day change. Your friend faces adversities patiently work through it, recognizing trials as opportunities for personal growth. The bests word that describes her/him are wise and balanced.




From our handmade Surfbags to store her couple of short boards and a long board that’s unique, passing through a surfboard carrier to carry her board, since she walk a lot to find uncrowded and wild surf spots, to a Maxi Pochette made out of fabrics scraps, from a completely zero waste brand.




2-The Explorer


Always on the go.

Surf expeditions to the Philippines, Aussie beaches and Bali …. does this sounds familiar? He lives in a big city, has visited many continents around the world – he has been all over Europe, South America, North America and Asia. He likes healthy living as it gives him more energy and he believes that eating healthy can improve his life and his surfing. He frequently goes to the local farmers market to get fresh fruit and eats smashed avocado with toast for breakfast, gets a good night sleep and tries to get the right diversity of vitamins, proteins and micronutrients each day.

In his bag you will always find phone, keys and wallet. Your friend faces adversities moving past it as quick as possible, prefers to leave the past behind and starts fresh. The best words that describes him are completely free.




From Handmade Surfbags to store his collection of surf quivers, a light poncho to carry in his luggage, to a passport wallet to store his travel documents. He loves to buy quality over quantity, collect handmade and well made stuff.




3- The Wanderlust


Dreamer and peaceful soul.

Your friend likes to make her own fashion trends and doesn’t like the mass production? she has a challenging yet rewarding job, so she loves to go to the beach with her dog, take photographs to release her creative side and go on fun adventures to take breaks. Your friend enjoy the sunsets, ocean time and she is excited by modern vintage designs and unique materials because it’s different, exclusive and it’s good quality.

In her bag you will always find a camera, a Ipad to get creative. Your friend faces adversities, finding peace and security believing that it will all work out at the end. The best words that describes her are Mindful/Artistic.




From our Hand-Painted Slingbag to make everything more fun, passing through a Camera & Bag strap made out of a unique vintage textile to carry all her camera, to a Mini Nomad to store phone, keys and essential while walking with the dog, Coral Red to be never forget!



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