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Surfing in cold water isn’t easy and you must have a inner strength and training to surf all year long. But living in Newquay, Cornwall  is something priceless. Not only the weather, that is mildest compared to other parts of England, but also for the famous surfing spots, such as Fistral beach, where surfing is challenging all year long. Already charmed by its natural bay and the surrounded landscape, the water at Fistral is pristine clear, a great pleasure to dive in. Let’s have a glimpse in the busy-happy life of Corinne, a surfergirl from Newquay.

Grown up surrounded by the most amazing women in a nourishing surfing community, Corinne is ripping waves all around and has thousands of people following her lifestyle on socials.

Surfing in CornwallCorinne Evans X Fede Surfbags

“Hey! I am Corinne Evans, thank you for interviewing me and featuring my work.  I am the Assistant Editor of SurfGirl Magazine, I work for a Surf Therapy Charity running their fundraising events. I am a brand ambassador for six brands and model every now and again when an awesome shoot comes my way. Today I am going to try and surf before work, it is finally light enough to get an early morning surf in. Then I have work to do and then after work meetings with a friend to plan our surf retreats.

I got into surfing a couple of years after moving to Cornwall. I think I was around 15 years old. My family surfed and encouraged me to give it a go and I have never looked back since. I love surfing my home break, Fistral Beach. On its day the waves can be really fun here. It’s a nice beach break with fun lefts and rights breaking across the bay. There is always someone I know out there which I love.”

Fistral Beach, in Fistral Bay, is ‘bookended’ by two headlands that funnel in the powerful, hollow waves that get even the most seasoned surfers excited. From autumn to spring, you’ll find a consistent run of 4-12ft swells. But that’s not to say that summer doesn’t hold an attraction too; the 1-4ft waves are still plenty challenging. And with new wetsuit technology, year-round surfing doesn’t have to be the preserve of the hard-core hedonists! In peak season, Fistral Beach is the buzzing backdrop for many events including Boardmasters – Europe’s largest surf and skate festival every August ” (quote from HeadLand Hotel Website)

Fistral Beach

Autumn is the best season for surfing in Cornwall, because the weather is still good, the water is warmer and the winter swells start rolling through. It’s my favorite time of year. There is a big surfing community in Newquay, we have a great crew of surfers and all ages, there is a great community spirit. We often hold surf club competitions and have socials in the summer months.

I have 3 surfboards all of which I tucked away nicely in board socks, one of which is my lovely Fede Surfbags. I always make sure they are protected when I travel, even if in my car. I also couldn’t pick, I love all my surfboards, they are amazing in very different surf conditions:

    • 5’8 Fourth Surfboards Burgerfish which is a slightly fuller surfboard, which is great for small waves;
      • 5’8 Fourth Surfboards Shank, which is epoxy so it’s really light and fast to turn;
    • 6’6 Fourth Surfboards Time Piece Single Fin, which I love surfing when the waves are small and weak because it just glides along the sections.

In the depths of winter, when the water in the UK is at it’s coldest I wear a C-Skins Re-Wired 6mm Hooded suit, with boots and gloves. As the water warms up, I will go back into a C-Skins Re-Wired 4.3mm suit with boots and then finally in the summer end up in a C-Skins Re-Wired 3.2mm wetsuit with no boots. On the warmer days, I wear a short leg wetsuit which I love!

Fistral Beach
Fistral Beach and the Headland Hotel

Before surfing I make sure I drink loads of water and stretch out, also I always apply suncream! After surfing I eat a lot of food, I am always so hungry for surfing. The best place to hang out is at Fistral Beach Bar, it’s a bar right on the beach, where you can enjoy a cold beer after a surf.

When not in Fistral, I will be somewhere in Cornwall, exploring the coast looking for fun waves to surf. Over the winter we get bigger swells which means more of the coastal beaches start to break, so it’s fun to go on road trips.

When not surfing… I love going for coffee or lunch after a coastal walk. Food is such an important part of my life so I am always looking for great places to eat. I love Mexican food, so if I had to choose the best post-surf place to eat it would be Gilmores.

Fistral Beach

I  travel around 4 times a year and will hopefully be off somewhere this season before Summer gets busy. I usually travel with my husband, he always get’s be amped to surf.  I have travelled to Bali alone before and had a few days exploring by myself before my friends joined. I enjoyed it but I love the company of others when I surf.

My essentials for a trip: wax, sun cream, reusable water bottle, a camera and a journal. When traveling I got disturbed by the terrible food and lack of sleep. I always find it so hard to eat healthy  and I hate sleeping on the move. I can never sleep on planes or in the car so end up so exhausted. That’s why I always travel with water and healthy snacks, bars and sachets of superfood powders or blends. Sometimes it’s hard but the key is to always be prepared.

When I’m abroad I also I try to do what I do in my everyday life. I recycle, reduce the amount of single-use plastic I use, I don’t use any products that contain ocean harming chemicals or microbeads and pick up litter whenever I can.

My social life.  I just like sharing my life, chatting with new people and sharing the things I love the most, from the food I eat to the clothes I wear and places I travel too. My social media is a snapshot of my life and I hope to inspire others to do live a life that makes them happy like I do.  I love supporting independent brands where ever possible. I find them on the internet or in small boutique shops when wandering around or traveling. Instagram is also great for shopping independent.

Behind all, it’s so important to get behind your community. Going to local cafes and restaurants and supporting startups and independent businesses.

Something unexpected. I actually used to bodyboard before I learnt to surf and I was actually pretty good! But surfing found me eventually.”


Fede Surfbags
Canary Islands

Corinne Evans x Fede Surfbags
Canary Islands

Fede Surfbags

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Please read Corinne review on our bags here. And if you like Corinne custom products, please ask away here.

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