Are you looking for the perfect surf bag? here our sustainable cotton canvas surfboard bags: handmade and unique in every way.

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Limited Edition

Our collection of surf and travel bags is made custom and created on a small-batch scale, ensuring attention to detail and quality of the highest standard.

Made to Last

Built for adventure, salty trips and daily beach-going. We use a very thick cotton canvas, that is the most durable material for the sea. Up-cycled and better for the planet.

Worldwide Shipping

From 2015 our bags have travelled from Italy to Europe, the United States, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Always on time.

Adventure Seekers

Fede Surfbags® is a set of surf and travel bags designed to meet a simple directive: no 2 trips are the same, and the best bag can adapt to them all. In this shop you can find unique designs made for any kind of adventure, from your daily beach-going to your next overseas trip. All the bags are personally curated by Federica, our founder and creative designer. As a result, being a custom and small production is our philosophy.



Recent Arrivals

Our bags are One of a Kind but remember, so are you!


Made to carry surfboards to the beach. XXL pockets and front straps gives to these surf bags all the space you need for your essentials. Finished with vegan leather.

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