VIVA LA VIDA! // A Gift Guide Made by You

The season of giving has arrived again. We love to be unique that’s why we made the second part of our special Christmas Gift guide. It’s made by you! The ones who bring to life our small brand with your daily adventures, extreme or simple lifestyle and more… with the beauty of celebrating life, always. VIVA LA VIDA!


Fede, Change Maker & Sealover, Rome, Italy

Hi, it’s me, Fede, owner and designer at Fede Surfbags.

Last year I moved by the sea to surf and enjoy this lifestyle every day. During this awesome time spent by the beach, I personally faced the huge problem of plastic in our sea. From when I realized that, I decided that my daily 5 minutes beach clean-up were not enough to redeem my guilty. So I decided to start my plastic free journey and I’ve cut down slowly by slowly the amount of plastic waste I personally produce. The biggest solution I found is to carry my reusable water bottle everywhere. You know… the first item found out in the sea with straws and polystyrene are plastic bottles. At the beginning of the journey I shopped in the malls as usual, searching for products without packaging, but it was really difficult. So I switched processed food to fresh local food from the Farmer Markets. I got so inspired by markets that I decided to make this Tote, that is my personal choice of this year gift guide.

The Farmer Market Tote is made with hydrocarbon-free jute from coffee bean’s sack purchased responsibly around the world. At Fede Surfbags we believe in a plastic free future, that’s why we created this bag. Eating local and buying local food from farmer markets is one of the possible way to reduce the amount of plastic waste and avoid pesticide in your food as well. These bags are sure to began your quick go for the farmer markets, grocery store grabs or errand runs! You’ll never go to a farmer market without one again!

Federico, Digital Kitesurfer Nomad , Swiss/Italian Made ☺


My name is Federico, italian & swiss bi-national. I am 34 and a Digital Kitesurfer Nomad.

My main addresses are: aeroporto di Caselle in Italy & Geneva airport in Switzerland. I am married to a beautiful French & German woman, I love dogs, Italian red wine, olive oil & almost anything produced in Italy that you can eat or drink, colors, wind, waves and palms trees – of course kitesurfing, some paddle and surf. I also spin some vinyls from time to time and gotta say Quantic/Bonobo/Nicola Cruz are my reference as a DJ. I hate whatever is grey and under 15 degrees.

During the year I am the chief editor of a Swiss architecture magazine published 4 times a year ( AS architecture of Switzerland ), I am the communication manager for Casa Amarela a guest house in Brasil. Where I also deejay some trip hop and reggae. I do freelance work in graphic design and photography – you can follow me trough instagram @pico_krafftgloria. I am a kitesurfer since 12 years, mainly waves and some freestyle. I collaborate as a team rider for a Swiss shop and Duotone kite brand. My favorite spots are: Taiba ( Br ) – Cabarete ( R.D. ) – Varigotti ( It ) my home place in Italy ( almost impossible to kite, but still – trofie al pesto & focaccia : )

For this 2018 season in Casa Amarela I asked Fede Surfbags for a collaboration on two of their products: The Mini Nomad and the Sling Bag. We collaborate perfectly and the final product is amazing! I use my Mini Nomad everyday & people love it! I am really happy about the love and creativity they put in their work!

Karina, Wanderlust, Austria


My name is Karina, I’m 26 years and I live in Austria. As I was born here, I love the mountains but a few years ago I discovered my passion for traveling and since that I also love the ocean. I am working as a Kindergarten teacher and I use all my vacation days for traveling the world. Practicing different kind of sports is what I love…like snowboarding or surfing.

This is year I had a little injury and so I started with Yoga and totally fell in love with the Yogini Bag from Fede-Surfbags. I love the design of the bag and the fact that it’s handmade, also the little extra pockets on the outside are super useful.

Anni, "Be Grateful", Denmark

I’m in love with our beautiful earth. I’m currently traveling the world with my better half. Next stop Australia.

I support Fede Surfbags because of its thoughtful choice of thinking environmentally and using environmental conscious materials. For me that’s something that really matters in that and as a person I cares a lot about this beautiful earth with magnificent nature we all shall be grateful for and take care of. So Fede Surfbags, thanks you for making a difference!

P.S. In my language ‘fede’ means ‘cool’ and I think the thoughts behind this brand is really FEDE!

Vitna, “you only live once”, Shonan, Tokyo

Hi my name is Vitna, I’m a korean girl living in Japan. I’m working for an interior design company in Tokyo. I fell into surfing, so I recently moved to “Shonan” beach, near Tokyo. I go to Bali 3 times a year for surfing, and I love overseas trip where I can discover new landscapes and cultures. I have been to Mexico City recently, picture of the pink wall.

I own the Pink Jungle Sling bag. I fell in love at first sight for this bag’s design. It is very useful for carrying surfboard or towel. This bag has two useful pockets where I put in bikini and sun-stick when I go to sea.

Paola, “my heart is half in Genova half in Manly”, Genova

I’m Paola, movement is my lifestyle. I’m always searching for new places to feel good! and deeply in love with my home town, Genova, where I work as a sport teacher in a international school. A piece of my heart was left in Manly, Sidney, where a new Paola is born, “Polly 2.0” as my bestie calls me. This place gave me the opportunity to discover a new way of life that I’m living right now. It’s been 4 years away from the kangaroo land and I’m planning to go there soon.

I own a Fede Summer Blues pochette that is my best everyday companion. I carry always with me. Inside my daily survival kit: wallet, candies, bike’s keys and lipstick. I also own a sling bag with monkeys… which I adore!!!

Eglantine, “Happy with simple things”, Australia

My name is Eglantine Balland, I’m 34 and I’m always looking forward to get wet and salty! I’m French, living in Australia since few years where I’m a Research Scientist in Neuroscience. When I’m not working, you’re likely to find me in the ocean, surfing brings so much happiness in my life. Besides surfing, I’m a daily runner, a nature lover, a husky mom and a yoga instructor.”Happy with simple things” is my mantra ❤

I own a Pink Jungle Slingbag. It is so convenient to walk in style to surf spots that are further away, in the wild and uncrowded. I always get heaps of compliments about my surfbag 🙂

Diego, CEO @qitoroma, Rome, Italy

Diego, 36 years old ( sigh! ), I live in Roma. Traveller and Surfer for fun, lawyer for living.

Currently I have in my personal Fede collection a Pink Jungle Duffle Bag and Yogini Bag, perfect for travel and free-time. For surf, I own a Mexi Serape surfbag with a pocket and jute nose, made custom for my Flat Tracker Dr. Ank, 7’0, single fin and a Classic Surfbag, made custom for my Christenson ocean racer, 5.4, twin fin. 

Federica, “it’s just a matter of passion”, Genova

Surf amigos! My name is Federica, 29 years old and almost half spent with a board on my feet 🙂 I’m working in marketing, in a beer company… yes, exactly that one I love to drink with my friends after a good session of riding. Riding because in my heart live two big passions: kitesurfing and snowboarding 🙂

“pe na areia e paz no coração” is the perfection description and the best feeling for me. Brasilian just because my father live there and I’m always looking for free time to reach him and kitesurfing every day. He has a restaurant in a magic place, no roads, only sand, wind and sunset to fall in love every day. Now u can understand why “feet in the sand and peace in my heart”! Mountains is the other part of nature that give me always so many vibes. breath taking landscape, fresh powder, freestyle and my crazy friends fill my days of an energy and an adrenaline that i can’t imagine to live without. For me happiness is everywhere, in the little things and in everything and everywhere where we can do experience!

As every surfer, i’m so jealous of my boards, more than any other things! looking online u can find really whatever u are looking for, but I found in Fede Surfbags the same passion that I have, passion for the little things and details that i decided to ask her a customized bag for my kite board..I did her a little bit of challenge pushing her in the kitesurfer world 😉 she suggested me the best model for fitting the board with the boots.. the results? totally in love with y Sari bag, more than any expectation, handy and full of details from a little pocket, to the colors till a lovely customization with my name!

Wishing you a wonderful time spent wherever you feel at most! Happy Holidays!

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