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The Surfboard Slingbag  Sahara is handmade with italian cotton canvas and vintage berber carpets from Morocco. The bag is made to carry surfboards around and to adapt to different situations. As a result, it comes in a size that will fit every surfboard up to 9’10. It has a huge inside pocket, and other 2 regular size pockets (on front and inside) that will fit your single fin and surf gear. This Surfboard slingbag SAHARA is a limited edition of our Seven Seas Collection, so each bag is one of a kind, due to the uniqueness of the hand-woven and hand-knotted wool carpets used. The bag is READY-TO-SHIP, so you should receive your bag within 2 weeks of placing your order. Color available now is MINT. If you need any help ask away at

Carry your log around…it wasn’t much easier! 

A NOTE: Each bag is one of a kind, because of the uniqueness of the hand-woven berber carpets we used*.

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*EYE…the pattern of this handwoven carpet is a symbol of protection against the evil eye. The cross in the middle deflect evil in four directions. Hand woven and knotted by the women of the Atlas Mountains tribes, each rug can take up to a year to complete. The grace and precision of the spontaneous geometric designs depict everything from femininity to spirituality and male protection, and the interaction of the symbols tell the story of the weaver’s life from one end to the other. ✖️✖️

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The Surfboard Slingbag Sahara is landed on shop and it’s woven for freedom! Made in Italy and curated personally by Federica, owner and creative designer at Fede Surfbags.

THE SEVEN SEAS COLLECTION is made while on the road. In 2017 we made our first workshop with local artisans from Sri Lanka. The results were so excellent and heart-felted that we decided to develop a new limited edition. The Seven Seas Collection, made in collaboration with artisan around the world. Each bag of this collection is one of a kind and made with salty vibration under fair-trade working condition. Thank you for helping us keep tradition & culture alive, and supporting the wellbeing of artisans. Watch the video of our 2017 experience in Sri Lanka here.

WOVEN FOR FREEDOM. Inspired by the rich Berber culture and artisan tradition of Morocco, our Sahara Collection is made in a small batch scale. Each weekender bag of this artisan collection is made with vintage berber kilim carpets, handwoven by women in the Atlas Mountains. Nothing has been wasted, everything has been up-cycled in unique and functional long lasting bags. Learn more about the Sahara Collection here.

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