Sahara Passport Wallet

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The Sahara Passport Wallet is a slim leather Passport holder equipped with a pocket made with vintage berber carpets. For men and women. Carpet & Leather were purchased responsibly during our last trip to Morocco, where we worked together with a local leather artisan to make this wallet happens. Functionality and expression are woven together to create the perfect extension of who you are in a unique style. On the shelf, the hook, in your bag or pocket, we’ll hold it together while you do your thing.

  • Holds 1 passport + 2-4 cards and cash
  • Genuine leather
  • Top access pocket
  • Keyring to attach keys/lanyard
  • Berber Carpet pocket
  • Leather Wrist
  • Made in Morocco

A Note: Each Sahara Passport Wallet is unique and made with different pieces of the carpet.

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