Batik Tiger Slingbag


The BATIK TIGER SLINGBAG is made to carry your surfboard around. It comes in a size that will fit every surfboard up to 10′. It has 2 big inside pockets, one that will fit your single fin, and the other for your wetsuits and essentials. The two straps on the front are made to hold-up your essentials (yoga mat, wetsuit, skate, poncho, etc). Watch the instructional video here. Please, add the one you prefer (Jungle or Tiger) in the note section of the checkout screen.
These bags are ready to ship, it will take 4-6 days for the shipping. This depends in which part of the world you are. So you should have your sling within 2 weeks of placing your order.

Carrying your log around…it wasn’t much easier!

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From our travels around the world, we’ve found that the dying art of batik is fading into history. Our mission at Fede Surfbags is to help preserve and revive interest in this unique and beautiful traditional practice. We celebrate the art of craftsmanship and strive to encourage and motivate young, and all artisans, to carry on the traditions of their ancestors. We also want the Seven Seas Collection to be an outlet for our ‘s artisans creativity. We believe that by sustaining family traditions we deepen our relationship with and understanding of our heritage, which will ensure that these cultures do not fadeaway, but stay as vibrant as the colors displayed in our bags.

Each of these fabrics take anywhere from 5-7 days to create. Fede Surfbags assures this time spent on our beloved fabrics are commissioned at fair wages. It is our intention through this new collection to create a community that finds beauty in the details of Artisan work, has an appreciation of cultures, and a desire to enable generations to embrace the traditions of their heritage.

The Batik Tiger is handcrafted with fabrics handmade in Sri Lanka with the technique of wax-resist dyeing (batik).Please, watch the story behind this fabric here:

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One size fits all surfboards up to 10ft


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