Mika // The dog who saved my life

We don’t actually know why humans and wolves got together in the first place, but once that relationship was established, humans were selecting, very rapidly, for the most sociable wolves. Since the animal-human bond was forged, many stories of dog saving human lives have been told, remembering us that we deeply belong to the earth. Dogs are gifts to humans, they are here to remember us that this place never belong to us anyway and that we should live in and for the present. Today I’m telling you the story of Mika, a dog who gave his life for Sara.

The dog who saved my life - Fede Surfbags

My name is Sara Echeverri, @sareche. I am 32 years old, I was born in Colombia. I’m currently living at the beach side because the love of my life, the one who saved my life, my dog Mikael loves water and needs to swim everyday in order for him to keep getting better.

When Mikael was 2 years old (today he is 5), he suffered a severe brain stroke and a rhombo encephalitis. Doctors said he wouldn’t survive and if he did, he would never walk again. Fortunately I didn’t listen to what they said cause I knew Mikael would get better and, as him mother, I knew he would walk again so I decided to give my life to him and fight each and every single day for his recovery.

the dog who saved my life - Fede Surfbags

Every single day, I would get in the water to swim with him and we would play for hours with different objects which he had to learn how to grab with his mouth and bring back to me. As he remembered how to move his 4 legs in the water, I began to let him go and help him each time less until swimming became natural to him again.

Water gave him strength, confidence and has been since the beginning the most complete exercise for his recovery. In the water Mika felt FREE, ALIVE and I knew water she would help heal my baby.


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In the process I was able to understand what had happened to Mikael since no doctor was able to explain what had caused his stroke. I had also suffered a paralyses, not as severe as the one Mikael had suffered but very alike and since no doctor was able to explain from a medical point of view what had happened to Mikael, I began searching for answers.

At that moment I understood how we had both gotten the same symptoms and how mysteries it all seemed to be. That was when I began to put the puzzle together and understood how he had absorbed it all, my fears, my sadness, my whole paralysis cause he knew I would have not survived.

He saved my life and gave me strength to carry on. Our love is so supreme that he knew I would never give up on him and at the end I would understand what he had done and together we would give each a second chance in life. This became such a big understanding that in honor of what he had done for me I devoted my life to telling our story and the mission animals have with us humans.

They are our guardian angels, angels that give their life for us. They have the ability to absorb our diseases in order for us to get better and they do this so we can realize that something is wrong and needs to be attended. All physical diseases are caused by emotional circumstances because the body is the last alert we, as humans, have.


  • Our head hurts when our mind doesn’t stop thinking and something that cant be solved is worrying us;
  • Our throat gets swollen when things haven’t been said;
  • Our stomach aches when we cant process some situation in our life and that difficulty is giving us a hard time.


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I had devoted my entire life to Mikael and in our healing journey which to this date has taken 4 years of pure happiness and joy, I found Crystal Healing Therapy. Crystals became our home, a place where Mika and I found healing and understanding of how our bodies work. Not only our physical ones but our energetic and emotional ones as well.

Crystals harness the energy of creation and have the power to balance our energetic, emotional and physical bodies and animals surely get it and respond rapidly to this therapy. Mikael always carries his crystals with him and they have been a big part of his healing treatment.

I used different types such as black and green tourmaline, pink kunzite, fluorite and many other crystals depending on his needs. Some he wore permanently, others I attached them depending on the spots that needed such vobrations and othera were taken by him as elixirs ( gematized water process). To the date, Mika and I send crystals all over the world and help other people with their healing process.

The dog who saved my life - Fede Surfbags

Today, 4 years later, Mikael is the happiest dog alive, walks, swims and makes this world a better and happier place. He brings hope to everyone that crosses his path and teaches everyone to never give up cause everything you dream off and hope for comes reality. Mikael is my miracle and the miracle of all of who believe in love and magic.

Blessing, divine love and joy to all. The whole animal, mineral and celestial kingdoms honor this beautiful interview.”

The dog who saved my life - Fede Surfbags

If you want to meet Mika and Sara, don’t hesitate to do so and visit their instagram profile @sareche. I know there you will find the strength you were looking for and if your baby dog, cat, horse or who ever that beautiful being is, needs a crystal, contact Sara through instagram and she will do what’s possible to help you with crystals.

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  • Paul says:

    Love the story. Touching. Made me teary. And hopefull. I love my neady, less than perfect, PERFECT pups too.

    • fedesurfbags says:

      Hi Paul!!! we love Mika and Sara as well, they are warriors. I hope this story will bring hope and encourage others believing the ‘unpossible’. We truly believe there is something more behind…something that we sadly forgot but that is still there!

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