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Summer is here, and you might think to go visit the wonder of Liguria, Italy. I’m sure you heard about Cinque Terre but do you know the story of characters such as fratelli Fracas and Alessandro Forte? well, they literally invent surf in Italy in the 60’s, without even know that the word “surf” existed! But waves…yes! Therefore we drew an alternative map of Liguria for the lovers of longboard with Federica Frulla, ladyslider and wedding/event planner at L’Aurora Eventi. A mini surftrip into the pioneer of surf in Italy’s land.

Fede Surfbags
PH: Alberto Carmagnani

“I’m half argentine and half italian. My home is Recco, a little town on the Riviera Ligure. Here is where I learned surfing and the place where I feel I belong the most. I travel for surf, meet a lot of people on my way and have the chance to visit new places all around the world. But I strongly believe there is no place like home, especially when Neptune gives us weeks of pure surf.

Surf Spot Liguria Italy

In recent time Recco, well known for delicious cheese focaccia, is becoming famous for its waves. Thanks also to Blackwave Surf School, that every year celebrates the beginning of summer with a surf competition for longboarders, Recco Surf Festival. This is more then a festival, it is a big community of surfers who get together for one day to have fun and thinking about everything that gives them pleasure.

About the spot. Twenty minutes drive south-west of Genova (GE), the little bay of Recco attracts surfers from all over the region. It is a crowded spot, especially during weekends. But if you’re lucky, sometimes you could surf with few people. It works with S/W, W and NW winds. You will find the best conditions on small days. There are two peaks, one that breaks on rocks, for more advanced surfers and the other who breaks on a sandy bottom, which is ideal for every level.

Fede Surfbags
PH: Federico Traverso

About the food. I’m celiac, so I can’t have focaccia. 🙁 But when in Recco you should go to Tossini that has the best focaccia in town. A good place to have lunch is Bagni Marina, they serve delicious seafood and typical dishes right on the beach.  Five minutes walk from the spot, my favorite place to chill while in Recco is: Baia dei frati, where you can have a drink on the beach and enjoy the sunset.

To people who surf with a longboard, another ideal spot close is  Diano Marina in ponente ligure. When in Recco there is a strong Libeccio wind, Diano Marina transforms itself in “ CaliLiguria”. Long peelers with offshore wind, often very cold. With this strong wind is very useful to have a slingbag to carry your log around and a neoprene jacket on top of your summer onepiece. During winter, since I’m half argentine, I use to bring with me some mate to warm up. 😛

Fede Surfbags
PH: Gianluca Corbelli

Fede Surfbags

About the spot. Diano Marina is one hour and a half drive west from Genova, it works with W and S/W wind. In those conditions you will enjoy both longboarding and short. The spot has a sandy bottom and attracts surfers  from all over Italy, and also from northern Europe. Close to Diana Marino, another good spot for longboarders is Porto di Andora. Very crowded during weekends, it works with NW, NE and N winds. It is a easy beach break for every level, with a sandy bottom.

There are many others surf spots from Ponente to Levante, those three are my personal choice. This region offers good chances to find great waves, that have nothing to envy to the ocean ones. Liguria is one of the Italian region with most waves during the year with Sardinia and Tuscany. It is estimated that the average of surf  is 100/150 days at year. So, we grumble a lot but we surf more in compare to other italian regions. ”

Riviera Ligure
PH: Alberto Carmagnani


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