Kitesurf in Brazil // Jericoacoara o paraiso é aqui

Kitesurf in Brazil, Jericoacoara. We’re super excited to introduce you to this kitesurfer’s paradise, Jericoacora, with Federica, Italian Kitesurfer and Marketing Pro. She chases the wind almost everywhere: from Sardinia to France, then Spain until Morocco…she travels a lot, but, as she said there is no place as Brazil that could leave so much positive energy. Jericoacoara is the perfect combination of nature, sport and good food, so… keep Brazil in mind for your next holiday planning! Ah, we’ll not be responsible if you’ll become addicted to Caipirinha or Acai 😉

Fede & Friends - Fede Surfbags
Federica Testaferrata – IG: fede_testaferrata

Jericoacoara, Brazil via @viagenscine
Jericoacoara, Brazil via @viagenscine

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, brazil - Kite Spots - Fede Surfbags
Jericoacoara via @pedrotourinho

“I’m so exited to have the opportunity to spend some words about the place of my heart! I’m Federica, 100% italian and three words that contain almost a big part of me and my life!:
  • BAG: that one of my computer, that one for training, and obviously a super FedeSurfbags for my toys!
  • SMILE: it’s like a common language for me. I try always to wear a big one, and exchange smiles with people that understand my passion or even better when we are sharing the same one.
  • BOARD: 30 years old and almost half spent with a board on my feet! In my heart live two big passions: kitesurfing and snowboarding… and obviously eating, the first really important board 😉
“Pe na areia e paz no coração” is the perfection description and the best feeling for me. Brasilian just because my father live there and I’m always looking for free time to reach him and kitesurfing every day. He has a restaurant in a magic place, no roads, only sand, wind and sunset… how don’t fall in love with this landscape every day? Now u can understand why “feet in the sand and peace in my heart ”! Mountains is the other part of nature that give me always so many vibes. Breath taking landscape, fresh powder, freestyle and my crazy friends, fill my days of an energy and an adrenaline that i can’t imagine to live without. For me happiness is everywhere, in the little things and in everything and everywhere where we can do experience!
I want to introduce THE PLACE saying that brazilians like call it “Jericoacoara o paraiso é aqui” and only after have been there you could understand why. Jericoacoara is located in the north east of Brazil, more or less 300km far from Fortaleza. Once you have landed in Fortaleza and after 4/5 hours of traveling between the city and you’re feeling like in the middle of nowhere, after thousand of dunes you will arrive in one of the most beautiful beach village of the world. Jericoacara had recognized as a natural reserve. Especially if you are going there for KITESURF the best period to go there is from August until the middle of December. This is the best period for wind and to live Brazil and brazilians in full life. Usually from January till June the wind is not so strong and starts to rain. If  you have the possibility to choose, i’ll suggest you October and November, it’ll like more or less summer in Italy. 30 degree, sunny days, no humidity.

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara Brazil - Kite Spot - FedeSurfbags
Parque Nacional de Jericoacoara via @rayveloso

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, Brazil - Kite Spots -Fede Surfbags
Cocktails on the beach via @estie_munro

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, Brazil - Kite Spots -Fede Surfbags
Beco Forró, Jeri, Ceara, Brazil via @estie_munro


Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, Brazil - Kite Spots -Fede Surfbags
Beco Doce, Jeri via @viajando_sem_parar


The fastest way to reach JERI is landing in Fortaleza with TAP Air Portugal that it’s traveling all days. As I said at the beginning, then you will have 4/5 hours of connection to Jeri. The travel is not so easy, especially after 10 hours of flight, but it’s part of the experience and leave you the right time to disconnect with everything. Regarding to the prices, paying the flights around 800/1000€ (A/R round ticket) is a good price. I suggest you to book the flight at least 3 months earlier.

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, Brazil - Kite Spots -Fede Surfbags
Pedra Furada via @brunaserafiim

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, Brazil - Kite Spots -Fede Surfbags
Pedra Furada via @gleisonphottojeri

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, Brazil - Kite Spots -Fede Surfbags
Jeri via @matiorres

Depending in what you are looking for, you could have different solution for ACCOMODATION. I don’t suggest you to rent a house, but of course to stay in what they call “pousada”. Living in the pousada is part of the experience, you could have different type, from a easiest till super “luxury” solutions, but trust also the basic one will offer you a nice staying. Basically in a pousada you will firstly sleep and then they offer breakfast service, that’s the best breakfast in the world! they organize activities and it’s a real meeting place of people that are sharing your passion. The pousada will provide to organize the transfer from the airport to Jeri.

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, Brazil - Kite Spots - Buggies - Fede Surfbags
Contact @fede_testaferrata for booking a place to stay

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, Brazil - Kite Spots -Fede Surfbags

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara Brazil - Kite Spots - Fede Surfbags

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, Brazil - Kite Spots -Fede Surfbags

Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, Brazil. Staying at least 2 weeks you can visit different KITE SPOTS, depending on what are u looking for. In Jeri u will find only sand, so this is the reason because to move from a place to another u need to take a ride from “buggies”. It’s full of local people with buggies.. contract with them..they are working with tourists every day so, push them! u will find also a lot of kite school and each of them organize transfers to different spots. You can choose from waves spot to flat water spot, depending on what are u looking for. Here below just few spots name, as Prea, Barrinha, Manguesecco, Guriu, Tatajuba… in addition to  different downwind that u can do every day from a place to another, or just enjoying the sunset. One big important thing, Jeri’s spot are working with tides, so check them or ask to locals! well, I can actually speak one hour about spot, but if u need more info, i’ll be happy to help u! Contact me through IG HERE. Then if u are not at all satisfied of the day, u can have a SURFING sunset session, directly in the main beach in the village, or early in the morning in “Mallhada” spot, just behind the corner of the main beach.
Kitesurf in Jericoacoara Brazil - Fede Surfbags Kitesurf in jericoacoara Brazil - Fede Surfbags
As I told u at the beginning, and as an italian, i’m addicted to FOOD.. so i’ll let u some tips. Obviously i’d like to invite u at my father’s restaurant 😉 the name is Acqua Salata, in Beco Doce. As u can imagine is so special if u want to eat rally italian pasta with fish in a really lovely corner. We’re specialized in italian cooking, almost seafood and good wine! then if u go to Brazil u can’t come back without having eaten “Picanha”. After seafood, cooked in thousand ways, it’s the most famous meat served with rice and beans… delicious! I want to recommend u “Joao do Barro”, u will enjoy the experience and the location too! After of before wind or surf’s ACAI time: u can eat everywhere, but my favorite one is in “Naturalmente”, directly on the beach. It’s very refreshing and energizing after sport!


Acai - Kitesurf in Jericoacoara Brazil
Acai Bowl
What characterize Jeri is the “energia boa”, positive energy. PEOPLE are always happy, and yess, extremely slow! their philosophy is “no stress”. U will spend more of half of the day with your feet in the sand, and looking the sun changing color hour after hour. The village “sleep” in the morning and start to wake just before the sunset, when the magic comes! Brazilians are usually open and friendly people, and Jeri is a very safe village, so u will not have problem even if u are traveling alone!”
Kitesurf in Jericoacoara, Brazil - Kite Spots -Fede Surfbags
KiteSurf in Paradise - Jericoacoara Brazil
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