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The season of giving has arrived. We love to be unique and so we made this special Christmas Gift guide. It’s made by you with your taste and choice. It couldn’t be different because this small brand is your choice to shop handmade. All we wish for you is get out there and explore.





Fede, 33 years-old, Rome, Italy:

“Hello! I’m Fede, owner & designer at Fede Surfbags. Surfing is my dream. What I like about surfing, the most, is to be a temporary guest in the ocean, have the possibility to observe and to learn

My Choice: a GIFT CARD. It happened to everyone, I’m sure at least once. You know the feeling… unwrapping a present, full of expectations and… longest 2 seconds ever: “this is nice, thank you!”.  You really don’t need that. The important thing of a gift is giving but, yeah, why not giving the choice! That’s why I created this special gift card for you. It is virtual and has different budgets, made for everyone. Also, it is a really eco-friendly choice… no trees were armed in the making. 🙂 

See how it works here.


Corinne, 29 years-old, Newquay, England:

“Free surfer, model and writer. Living the cold water mermaid dream in Cornwall, England.

I am in love with my Sunrise Board Bag/Sock. Not only is it beautiful but it is extremely well made, it even has a really handy pocket, perfect for wax!”


Evie, 25 years-old, Devon, England:

“I’m currently training to be a mental health nurse which can be challenging at times but also really rewarding! Sunsets, the sea and earl grey tea make me happy, and not forgetting my dog who is basically a teddy bear!

I fell in love with the Mini Nomads as soon as I saw them! They’re so unique and the designs are super funky! They’re  ideal for beach trips and adventures, I’ve had mine for 2 years now and it’s still going strong, it’s been on every holiday with me and is constantly full of sand but I wouldn’t have it any other way!”


Federica, 29 years-old, Recco, Italy:

“I’m half argentine and half italian. My home is Recco, a little town on the Riviera Ligure. Here is where I learned surfing and the place where I feel I belong the most. I travel for surf, meet a lot of people on my way and have the chance to visit new places all around the world. But there is no place like home, especially when Neptune gives us weeks of pure surf.

I’m using The Mexi Sling Bag for my lovely longboard 9’1” especially during my surftrip. This is an amazing way to carry every kind of board wherever you want. I tried it walking, by bicycle and moped. 🙂 “


Allegra, 23 years-old, Peniche, Portugal:

“Hi 🙂 I’m Allegra, a 23 years old girl born and raised in Milan, Italy but who’s always on the road.

My biggest passion is to travel, is a drug, I cannot stay in the same place for too long. Everything started since I was born: my mum is from Ecuador and my dad from El Salvador, they met in Italy while traveling and decided to start a new life there…so let’s say that my story already started from a melting-pot of cultures.

I travel since I was born, always in a new adventure with my parents between camping in Italy till discover Europe, hiking and flying between South America and Australia to visit all my relatives. Travel open extremely the mind, the way of thinking and teaches you all the things that school doesn’t: how to live and be happy doing what you really want to do. Living this kind of lifestyle is quite hard, I have to find seasonal jobs that allows me to make fast money and to quit whenever I want, but I cannot complain, is going pretty well, you just have to go for it. 😉

My travel essentials. I bring my mini nomad everywhere: you can put your sunblock, fins, wax, the wallet and a camera to take photos, good dimension and everything fits into it trust me!”



Kriss, 21 years-old, Rome, Italy:

“Hello World, my name is Cristina, Kriss for friends, I’m 21 and I was born and live in Rome.

I’m studying photography at the Academy of Fine Arts to graduate. In addition to photography my passions are: dancing, writing tales and traveling.

For my trips I can not do without my Duffle Bag by Fede Surfbags. It’s a convenient bag for any trip, you can bring everything with you. I felt in love with her colors recalling those of the sea. This bag is ideal for any adventure around the world.

Fede Surfbags is a world of fresh, young and innovative ideas. Where the Surf is the main theme. Federica the founder of this brand reports on its products so much creativity and love for the sea.”


Francesca, 23 years-old, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands:

“My name is Francesca Camboni, I’m an italian surfer grown up in a small town called Santa Marinella.

I’ve been travelling around the globe since young age and when i turned 18 i decided to take a big step and move to Canary Islands, my second home since then. I love surfing because:

-It sets me free.

-The ocean has a positive impact on human health and when you start surfing,  you automatically start caring more about our planet, because you’ll understand it better.

-The best way to forget your daily problems is to face bigger challenges.

-You will learn the meaning of community.

-You will gain more patience, appreciations, happiness.

Why would i recommend Fede Surfbags creations? First, they are colorful, cosy and mainly, hand-made. In my opinion, when you make something, you leave a part of yourself in it. When you are finished creating, you take pride in the work partly because you see yourself in it. When you buy something someone else made, you and yourself are reflected in that purchase. That person made it for you. Whether it’s the color, the texture, the shape… an item that has been crafted as an expression of the creative spirit who made it , is treasured and valued far beyond than an item that was made for worldly mass consumption.

One thing i reaaaally love about my Fede Surfbags wallet/pochette is that when i don’t feel like bringing anything else but my mobile phone, that’s the perfect alternative to a bag.”



Berta, 26 years-old, Madrid, Spain:

“I’m Spanish nomad soul actually living in Rome. I try to be on the road as much as I can, always with my camera in my bag and my surfboard by my side!

I love Fede Surfbags bags, especially the Sari Duffle Bag. I can easily carry all my travel stuff on it, from the essentials to the smallest things, thanks to the pockets and I know there will be safe… but the thing I love the most is Fede creates unique bags, with sustainable materials which respect our planet and market industry. That’s why it’s a must for me!”




Vanessa, 25 years-old, Santa Marinella, Italy:

“Hola chicas! My name is Vanessa, I live in Santa Marinella, a little village on the coast near Rome. I’m a big fan of Fede Surfbags and also a friend.

One year ago I purchased one of her surfbags, the Mandala one, and… it’s fabulous. I travel 3 months with that in Fuerteventura and more it got dirty of “moon soil”, more it was beautiful. And today is still as it was. After cold-washing, the hand-painted mandala is still like new. Also, my surfboard is black and the greatest thing of this cotton bag is that it keeps my board always fresh after many hours under the sun. Fede Surfbags is beauty combined to functionality. “



Paola, 19 years-old, Genova, Italy:

“I’m impulsive, stubborn and cheerful girl from Genova. My inspiration is connected to the feeling of what water gives me in its change and form.

The Sling bag you can miss it in your suitcase! It allows an easy and safe surfboard’s transport both in front of your house and in the other side of the world. The Mexi model is perfect to me thanks to the big pocket. It’s a mix between a bag and a board-sock. “



To be continued…


PH: Silvia Sha Potenza x Paola Pezzi, Andrea Rubbo x Francesca Camboni and Gianluca Corbelli x Federica Frulla.

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