Frequently Asked Question

Where are these bags made and who makes them?

Federica Ubertone designs and chooses the materials for all of the bags. The sewing is in the hand of wise tailors. All is happening in Rome, Italy, where Fede can get the most consistent material and expert advice for construction. The Artwork is painted by hand with traditional coloring process. So each bag is a piece of art.

How long will it take to get my bag?

These are custom items which means your bag is going to be made just for you. At the moment it takes up to 1 week for the fabrication of a board bag and another 2-4 days for shipping, so you should have it within 2 weeks of placing your order. Fede ships as quickly as possible, it just depends on how many orders there are at the time.

Explain the checkout process

Just click on the “Add to Cart” button on the right of the item you want. Enter your shipping address and info. Don’t forget to fill the note box with the size of your board and any special requests then click through to checkout. Clicking the checkout button will take you to Paypal. Enter your sign in info and you’ll go to a checkout screen. We’ll be notified right away (SUPER!!!) and will get to work putting it together for you.

What about shipping costs?

Unfortunately Fede is not able to cover the costs of shipping. Worldwide shipping is available but we can’t control what happens to packages after they leave the UE and it’s the responsibility of the customer to pay these fees if they’re imposed.

Help! I don’t know the size or shape to order

It’s easy, just tell us the lenghth of your board. If it has a pointy or rounded nose. And the lenght of your fins. The actual bag will measure the same as your board plus extra centimeters for fitting your fins inside ( for the very lazy ones!!!).

What is your return policy?

Due to handmade, custom nature of our products, returns are generally not accepted. However Fede knows sometimes unforeseeable things happen. If an item get damaged in transit, we will work with you to make it right.

What if my bag gets dirty?

Hand wash in cold water and spot clean as needed. The canvas cleans up nicely. It’s best not to put them in the washing machine. Soap will do bad things to the leather, so try to keep this area off. For the nose you can use cleaners or moisturizers. Also can use a waterproofing oil to protect the leather. Dry in the sun and iron on reverse.

Do you wholesale?

Yes! please, contact us via email.

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