Handmade in Italy. Built to Wander the Seven Seas.

Fede Surfbags® is a small brand of unique surf and travel bags. Built for adventure, salty trips and daily beach-going.

Federica Ubertone designs and chooses the materials for all of the bags. All is happening near Rome, Italy, where Fede can get the most consistent material and expert advice for construction.

The first product of our small lab back in 2015 was the surfbag, a cotton beach-bag made to last and to protect your surfboard from delam bubbles, chinese wax jobs and transit-provoked dings. Each surfbag is made-to-order, which means that the surfbag is made on size and shape of your surfboard. (FAQ)

After one year making custom surfbags, we decided to go further developing and adding the travel bags and beach accessories to our surfbag collection.


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Our bags are One of A Kind, so are you!

About Collections

THE HANDPAINTED COLLECTION is possibly our most important collection as it is our distinctive signature of uniqueness. Created to encourage and support the art of painting on textiles. This collection of newly hand-dyed fabric is made custom and created on a small-batch scale, ensuring attention to detail and quality of the highest standard of Made in Italy. The Artwork is painted by hand by Federica with traditional coloring process. So each bag is a piece of art and customized just for you!

THE SEVEN SEAS COLLECTION is made while on the road. Our brand is handmade in Italy, but it is deeply connected to surfing & traveling. In 2017 we travelled to Sri Lanka, to experiment new collaboration with local textile artisans. In Sri Lanka we made a workshop to learn the Batik technique. The results were few pieces of batik with travel inspired designs (on blog). This is just the beginning of Fede Surfbags adventure on the road… it is a present development of our limited edition bags, made also to empower small community around the world. Each Fede Surfbags is one of a kind and made with salty vibration under fairtrade working condition.

THE CLASSIC COLLECTION consists of bags made with color combo of italian cotton canvas. Our classic is unique: we ‘scribble’ on the canvas, we add macrame details or we create color combo of canvas. Going on fabric runs is one of the funnest parts of getting to make canvas bags. We source deadstock, mostly cotton, from warehouses in Rome. Deadstock is remanant fabric leftovers from larger brands. It could do easily go to waste, but certain fabric stores buy it to resell. There are a lot of chemical-intensive secrets in the fashion industry, but this way of reusing what already exists is a great way for small brands to make limited edition products and ensure fabric does not end up in landfills.

ONE OF A KIND COLLECTION consists of products constructed using curated vintage fabrics purchased responsibly. We always select high quality pieces and pay fair premium prices for the fabrics that become the exterior of our bags and accessories. We carefully curate each piece of fabric and do not buy them in bulk. They are then washed and laced with vegan leather or cotton to make them more durable for your everyday use. Truly and completely one-of-a-kind, these bags are a masterpiece!


“The most revolutionary technology is the technology of the heart, the technology of love. I invite you to experiment it”

Hi! This is Federica, owner and designer at Fede Surfbags.

I created Fede Surfbags few years-ago to trasport your essential to the beach and on your salty trips. Because people are so important to me, my intention was to help them to enjoy at the fullest their experience at the sea. Most of the bags of this shop are hand-painted and sewed personally by me.

Before being a bag-maker, I’m a surfer and a traveller with a conscious environmental mind. Each bag of this shop is carefully handcrafted using traditional techniques and made in limited edition. I choose mostly cotton canvas for my bags because is the most durable material for the beach. After few years of doing this, today I can say that it’s so rewarding to see Fede Surfbags traveling miles and miles around the world with my customers, still holding-up pretty good with all the hand-painted design on place!



We love to see your pictures with us! Use branded hashtag #MySaltyJourney and #FedeSurfbags, tag us in your stories and feed to share your salty adventures with us. The best ones will be featured on our instagram.



If you like to be part of our blog, My Salty Journey, (man or woman), send your stories and pictures plus social links to info@fedesurfbags.com. The best storytellers will be featured on our monthly blog about surf, travel, lifestyle and art. And! He/She will receive a Fede Surfbags handmade creation. ⠀⠀